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How to recognise an IP frame by MAC address?


Range or Prefix Application
01:00:5E:00:00:00 - 01:00:5E:7F:FF:FF IPv4 Multicast (EtherType is 0x0800)
33:33:00:00:00:00 - 33:33:FF:FF:FF:FF IPv6 Multicast. IPv6 neighbor discovery (EtherType is 0x86DD)
00:00:5E:00:52:13 - 00:00:5E:00:52:13 Proxy Mobile IPv6
00:00:5E:FE:C0:00:02:00 - 00:00:5E:FE:C0:00:02:FF IPv4 derived documentation
00:00:5E:FE:C6:33:64:00 - 00:00:5E:FE:C6:33:64:FF IPv4 derived documentation
00:00:5E:FE:CB:00:71:00 - 00:00:5E:FE:CB:00:71:FF IPv4 derived documentation
00:00:5E:FE:EA:C0:00:02 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
00:00:5E:FE:EA:C6:33:64 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
00:00:5E:FE:EA:CB:00:71 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:C0:00:02:00 - 01:00:5E:FE:C0:00:02:FF IPv4 derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:C6:33:64:00 - 01:00:5E:FE:C6:33:64:FF IPv4 derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:CB:00:71:00 - 01:00:5E:FE:CB:00:71:FF IPv4 derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:EA:C0:00:02 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:EA:C6:33:64 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
01:00:5E:FE:EA:CB:00:71 IPv4 multicast derived documentation
01:80:C2:00:00:20 - 01:80:C2:00:00:2F Reserved for use by Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP) applications
02:00:5E:FE:00:00:00:00 - 02:00:5E:FE:FF:FF:FF:FF IPv4 Addr Holders
03:00:00:20:00:00 IP multicast address
C0:00:00:04:00:00 IP multicast address
03:00:5E:FE:00:00:00:00 - 03:00:5E:FE:FF:FF:FF:FF IPv4 Addr Holders

Detection Rule

If MAC address is in the range of 01:00:5E:00:00:00 - 01:00:5E:7F:FF:FF, its low order 23-bits are mapped to the low-order 24 bits of the IPv4 address. However, since an IP host group address consists of 28 significant bits, the single Ethernet multicast address might map more than to one IP host group address.

The same mechanics is applicable to IPv6, but within the range of 33:33:00:00:00:00 - 33:33:FF:FF:FF:FF.


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