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Output format

        "companyName":"Cumulus Networks, Inc",
        "companyAddress":"650 Castro Street, suite 120-245 Mountain View  CA  94041 US",
        "virtualMachine":"Not detected",
            "Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (Cumulus Linux)"
        "wiresharkNotes":"No details",

Output parameters

vendorDetails.oui Organization Unique Identifier
vendorDetails.isPrivate For an extra fee to IEEE, vendors can hide their details. In this case, this flag is set to 'true' and companyName, companyAddress and countryCode are 'private'.
vendorDetails.companyName Name of the company which registered the MAC addresses block.
vendorDetails.companyAddress Company's full address.
vendorDetails.countryCode Company's country code in ISO 3166 format.
blockDetails.blockFound 'false' when the MAC address does not belong to any of the registered MAC blocks. In this case, all other fields are set to 'unknown'
blockDetails.borderLeft The left border of the range the MAC address belongs to.
blockDetails.borderRight The right border of the range the MAC address belongs to.
blockDetails.blockSize The total number of MAC addresses in this range.
blockDetails.assignmentBlockSize Assignment block size, one of the following:
  • 'MA-L' for MAC Address Block Large
  • 'MA-M' for MAC Address Block Medium
  • 'MA-S' for MAC Address Block Small
  • 'IAB' for Individual Address Block
blockDetails.dateCreated Date when the range was allocated, in YYYY-MM-DD format. Is available for ranges registered after 27 June, 2018.
blockDetails.dateUpdated Date when the range was last updated, in YYYY-MM-DD format. Is available for ranges registered after 27 June, 2018.
macAddressDetails.searchTerm Echo your search term
macAddressDetails.isValid 'true' if the search term provided is a valid MAC address.
macAddressDetails.virtualMachine Detect if the MAC address belongs to a Virtual Machine. It’s a string field which could be 'Not detected' or the name of the virtual machine detected, like 'VMWare'.
macAddressDetails.applications Detect if a vendor or standard is using the MAC address. It's an array field which may contain a list of applications detected.
macAddressDetails.transmissionType Transmission type, one of the following:
  • 'multicast'
  • 'unicast'
  • 'broadcast'
macAddressDetails.administrationType Administration type, one of the following:
  • 'UAA' for Universally administered addresses
  • 'LAA' for Locally administered addresses
macAddressDetails.wiresharkNotes Extra details provided by Wireshark.
macAddressDetails.comment The field which contains our research results regarding the MAC address or OUI.
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