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How to recognise Digital Equipment Corporation's MAC address application?


Range or Prefix Application Notes
09:00:2B:00:00:00 DEC MUMPS EtherType is 0x6009
09:00:2B:00:00:0F DEC Local Area Transport (LAT) EtherType is 0x6004
09:00:2B:00:00:01 DEC DSM/DDP EtherType is 0x8039
09:00:2B:00:00:10 - 09:00:2B:00:00:1F DEC Experimental
09:00:2B:00:00:02 DEC VAXELN EtherType is 0x803B
09:00:2B:00:00:03 DEC Lanbridge Traffic Monitor (LTM) EtherType is 0x8038
09:00:2B:00:00:04 DEC MAP End System
09:00:2B:00:00:05 DEC MAP Intermediate System
09:00:2B:00:00:06 DEC CSMA/CD Encryption EtherType is 0x803D
09:00:2B:00:00:07 DEC NetBios Emulator EtherType is 0x8040
09:00:2B:01:00:00 DEC LanBridge EtherType is 0x8038
09:00:2B:01:00:01 DEC LanBridge EtherType is 0x8038
09:00:2B:02:00:00 DEC DNA Level 2 Routing
09:00:2B:02:01:00 DEC DNA Naming Service Advertisement EtherType is 0x803C
09:00:2B:02:01:01 DEC DNA Naming Service Solicitation EtherType is 0x803C
09:00:2B:02:01:02 DEC Distributed Time Service EtherType is 0x803E
09:00:2B:02:01:09 DEC Availability Manager for Distributed Systems DECamds EtherType is 0x8048
09:00:2B:03:00:00 - 09:00:2B:03:FF:FF DEC default filtering by bridges
09:00:2B:04:00:00 DEC Local Area System Transport (LAST) EtherType is 0x8041
09:00:2B:23:00:00 DEC Argonaut Console EtherType is 0x803A
AB:00:00:01:00:00 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Dump/Load Assistance EtherType is 0x6001
AB:00:00:02:00:00 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) EtherType is 0x6002
AB:00:00:03:00:00 DECNET Phase IV end node EtherType is 0x6003
AB:00:00:04:00:00 DECNET Phase IV Router EtherType is 0x6003
AB:00:00:05:00:00 - AB:00:03:FF:FF:FF Reserved DEC
AB:00:03:00:00:00 DEC Local Area Transport (LAT) - old EtherType is 0x6004
AB:00:04:00:00:00 - AB:00:04:00:FF:FF Reserved DEC customer private use
AB:00:04:01:00:00 - AB:00:04:01:FF:FF DEC Local Area VAX Cluster groups System Communication Architecture (SCA)

EtherType is 0x6007


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