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How to recognise a Virtual Router ID by MAC address?

Virtual Router redundancy protocol is a standard protocol which helps group a number of routers into one virtual router in order to increase availability and reliability of routing paths


Range or Prefix Application
00:00:5E:00:01:00 - 00:00:5E:00:01:FF IPv4 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
00:00:5E:00:02:00 - 00:00:5E:00:02:FF IPv6 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Detection Rule

If the MAC address looks like 00-00-5E-XX-XX-YY, where XX is 00-01 (for IPv4 frames) or 00-02 (for IPv6 frames), YY will be Virtual Router Identifier.

This mapping provides for up to 255 IPv4/IPv6 VRRP routers on a network.


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